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Selling your Home is Central to us. We take pride in Selling your homes FAST.

The Home Central Team is always geared to be fast and effective. We fast track the whole selling process to minimize the timeline, ensure that your listing stands out, to sell your house FAST.

Scroll below to see how the Home Central Team of scriptwriters, videographers, professional presenters, digital marketing specialists, create a unique value proposition to your homes to SELL FAST and at Record prices.


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The Sellers of this four-room DBSS in Adora Green was stuck for three months. They had fewer inquiries & low viewings due to outdated marketing methods which did not bring out the full potential of the property to prospective buyers. When they contacted Home Central, we showed the best features of the home in a new light with our Creative shoots and Home tour videos. Sold it within three months at a Record price of $620K!


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The Sellers of this Marsiling Flat were concerned that their flat would be stuck on the market due to its original condition leading to hefty renovation cost more than $100K for the next owner. Seeing how Home Central was able to bring out the unique selling points of a wide range of units, the sellers contacted us to market their home. Through our unique Home Tour Videos and Extensive Social Media network of over 95,000 prospective buyers, the Flat was SOLD it in just 1 VIEWING.

SOLD in 2 days

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Home Central Team had set a record again! This four-room flat in Anchorvale was sold at HIGH PRICE & RECORD SPEED of just 2 DAYS! Our professional presenter used an Engaging SCRIPT for the home tour video showing the area, and the top features of the unit.


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Stuck for over four months, the Sellers of this 5-room flat in Punggol Emerald contacted Home Central to entrust the sale to us. We created a script to sell this five-room dream home focusing on surrounding areas like Punggol MRT, Waterway Point, Childcare, Schools, Clinics & Amenities. With our strong track record in the cluster, thanks to our strong network of buyers in Punggol the Home Central Team SOLD the house at a high price in 2 Weeks.

SOLD in 3 Weeks

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The Seller of this 4-room flat in Punggol Spring contacted Home Central after their home remained unsold for more than one year on the market. They were concerned that their flat was not appealing to buyers because of the wear and tear after living in the unit for seven years.

Having handled many similar units like these, Home Central came up with a Tailored action plan which involved painting, home styling and an active marketing campaign for the sellers. With our marketing strategies and reliable network of buyers in Punggol, we attracted the right buyer quickly! SOLD in 3 Weeks


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The Sellers of this Sengkang flat were worried that their unit would be stuck as it was a low floor unit, and the bedrooms faced a multi-storey car park. Home Central was able to bring out the unique selling points through the use of Home Styling. We used a wide range of conventional & digital marketing channels to attract the right buyer efficiently! Sold this unit at a HIGH PRICE in just 1 MONTH.

Are you or your friends wanting to sell your Homes? Contact us and the Home Central Team is always geared to Sell your LISTING FAST!

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