A Top HDB Transactor

Lorraine is a consistent performer, achieving the top producer in HDB category month after month. She has also received awards in the areas of exclusive listers, top individual producers, in addition to top HDB transactor.


...by Propnex

Since joining PropNex PNG in July 2018, Lorraine has been consistently performing at a high level, and is now a Senior Associate Marketing Director, within just under a year. She has excelled in the training provided and produced stellar results in each month’s evaluation. This has encouraged her to keep working hard to achieve better results.


Lorraine managed to bring in more than 20 serious buyers to view our flat and SOLD within 3 weeks at a very good price with 3 months extension. She is very responsive to our queries, proactive and honest. She also has a very good marketing strategy. Thank you Lorraine and team for the effort. We would definitely recommend Lorraine to our friends and families who want to sell their flat.

—  Chris Lee Home Seller