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Are you daunted by the difficulties involved in:
1.  Creating a strong social media presence?
2.  Consistently providing high-quality video content?
3.  Having to underwrite a significant cost when selling a home

Lorraine Tan
Founder, Home Central

Lorraine Tan
Founder, Home Central

Realtor, Listing Specialist



Client Care Specialist

Fast & Effective
Home Central challenges time and takes pride in being fastest and taking minimum time in completing sales.

Maximizing Value
Giving the client the best value in terms of service, maximum profit and going beyond the business.

Professional & Transparent
Our approach and behavior towards the client are highly professional. The transactions will always be clear, quick and smooth.



As part of the team, Lorraine & Kelvin will sit down and guide you on the following to help you to CLOSE SALES QUICKLY:

  • Latest Market Insights

  • Assist you in Objection Handling,

  • Negotiating Methods

  • Digital Media Marketing Methods &

  • How to leverage the Home Central Platform to get sales fast

Reduce your underwriting costs by letting us handle the following:


  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Scriptwriting Costs

  • Home Staging Costs,

  • Property Portal Credits

  • Facebook Ad Spend & 

  • Offline Marketing Costs


Lorraine Tan, PropNex Realty Pte.Ltd.

CEA License Number: L3010584B/R057344F

Phone Number: +65 9799 7955

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