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Ever wondered why our customers wanted to sell their homes FAST?


Over the past few years, you would have seen many of our clients

getting their homes sold at record times and prices,

from as fast as 1 week, or within 1 viewing.

But have you ever wondered why were they

so eager to sell their homes fast?

Before I answer this question...

Let’s have a look at the HDB resale prices over the past 10 years.

and the recent news about HDB BTO & the sale measures to help people buy HDB homes.

Within the last three years, the government has increased HDB grants for the third time.

But have the prices gone up?

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-17 at 15.51.43 co

HDB resale prices

over the past 10 years.


Combined with the fact that there have been multiple cooling measures along the years,

and with the announcement during this year’s national day rally

about the government’s plan to make HDBs more affordable by:

INCREASING the wage ceiling for HDB flats.




GIVING higher grants for first-time HDB buyers.

INCREASING the amount of BTOs in the next few years.

The next question that will be on our minds is:

Should we sell NOW or LATER?

Knowing of this fact, many of my clients understood the need to unlock as much as they can out of their current homes before it all becomes too late.


Based on the above points, the best time to sell is NOW.

What kind of PROPERTIES did they upgrade to and why?


N E W   L A U N C H


WhatsApp Image 2019-09-13 at 17.23.23(1)
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-13 at 17.23.23 co

Would you like to earn

$300,000 or more in 3 years?

That’s the question that I ask my clients when they asked me what properties they should upgrade to.

And their answer was always a resounding


Most of us would find saving or even earning

$300,000 a stretch to do so in 3 years.

But by understanding the differences between New Launches and Resale, and what are the pros and cons of each purchase,

they ended off with a clearer understanding of:


What are the best developments to upgrade to?


How can they upgrade safely without stress & worries?


What are the best options to maximise their profits based on their financial health?

Is it the RIGHT TIME 

for me to BUY NOW?

I’m sure you understand the concept of Supply vs. Demand, and

that we should buy when the supply outstrips the demand.

Here at Home Central, the team and I have been monitoring the market closely and let me let you in on a not-so-secret secret:

We’re currently in one now!

HC LP graph 5.jpg
graph new.png
HC LP graph 7.jpg

What do the above articles mean?

With the recent decline in government land sales due to over supply in private homes, along with the increase in land bid prices, it means one thing:

When private land sales increase, so does the price of your home,

possibly even doubling by 2030.

So, would you want to

buy now and maximize

your profits, or wait till

the prices double to buy?

How can we help you

plan for YOUR future?

Here at Home Central, we’re your one-stop housing solution, led by me and my team of dedicated professionals.

Over the years we have built our platform and presence on social media, with over 10,000 ready buyers and hundreds of

happy customers.

Home Central Team

When you sit with us, we’ll share with you our Home Central approach:



A clear understanding if your home is an asset or a liability.



Shortlist the best properties to profit based on your actual affordability, statistics, through our




Leverage your CPF to reduce your cash output to ZERO for your monthly instalments.



How to turn potential losses into maximum profits: e.g. selecting the right unit & development.



Selling your home in the fastest time to ensure a smooth transition, fight for the higest possible price and avoid ABSD, with our proven record.



When is the best time for you to exit and cash out your profits.

We’ll be there with you throughout your journey

  • from getting your home sold

  • to planning your finances

  • selecting the right property

  • identifying your next exit strategy

  • to grow your wealth through property.



the home that you’re living in

can be your most powerful investment.

The financial choices OUR PARENTS

made have affected the lives

we are living in today.


The financial choices that YOU make today will affect the life of

your children tomorrow.

Be the last 

sandwich generation.


Thanks for submitting!

Let’s have a chat today and help you

on your property journey!


Because at Home Central,

Achieving your home and retirement goals

are central to us.

Lorraine Tan, PropNex Realty Pte.Ltd.

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